Intermountain Power Bottom Ash Basin (UT00463)

Groundwater Monitoring

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June 2019 Semi-Annual Progress Report 7/2/2019 Download
Annual Ground Water Monitoring and Corrective Action Summary Report 1/29/2019 Download
Assessment of Corrective Measures and Amended Corrective Action Plan 1/9/2019 Download
BA Notification of Initiation of Assessment of Corrective Measures 10/15/2018 Download
Bottom Ash Basin Detection Notification 9/12/2018 Download
Notice of Assessment Monitoring 3/26/2018 Download
Annual Ground Water Monitoring Summary Report 3/1/2018 Download
Selection of a Statistical Method Certification 1/10/2018 Download
CCR Units Groundwater Monitoring Well Design and Installation Summary Report 8/27/2016 Download